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We’ve found lots of stories about Slap Shot and Slap Shot 2 and the Hanson Brothers on the internet. (We like the ones about us the best.) Just like Dickie Dunn, they really captured the spirit of the thing.Reading good articles is like looking at all your trophies. Like this Doghead we took after we beat up the mascot who was wearing it. It's a good trophy.We’ll put a few of the stories we like here.

Steve on The Dennis Miller Show on Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Steve on The Dennis Miller Show on Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We Made the cover of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED! We’re Supermodels… Again!

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OK, so it only took 30 years, but who cares? Quality stands the test of time, at least we think so. A great movie, three great-looking guys, and hockey. Who could ask for more?

We could. This could be the start of a new career. Why not send us to some far-away tropical beach in the middle of winter and take pictures of us in Speedos? Hockey Chicks would love it! Now why didn’t SI think of that? Geez, we have to do everything!

Here’s a link to the really terrific article by Austin Murphy. He really captured the spirit of the thing, doncha think?

Thank you to everyone at Sports Illustrated and all of our hockey-loving fans around the world. We could’t have done it without you!


So now we’re on the new VH1 series I Love the 70s Volume 2 . The 1977 show, of course. Who knew the guy from Cinderella was such a fan of Slap Shot? He even looks like one of us when he put on the glasses. We’re glad the commentators want to see another movie too, but we think it should be, “Note to Hollywood: more of those great looking Hanson Brothers!” instead of, “Note to Hollywood: more vicious retards!” But that’s OK, we’re just glad they like us.

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Now We’re Supermodels Too

Imagine our surprise when the special Collector’s Edition of The Hockey News Magazine arrived in our mailboxes and we saw three great looking guys on the cover... and they were us. The Lighter Side of Hockey is the ultimate collection of the weird, the wild, and the wacky stuff that makes hockey the greatest sport on earth. They really captured the spirit of the thing. If you’re not a subscriber (sheesh!?) and you can’t find a news stand that carries the Bible of our industry, the nice folks at THN will let you buy copies from the THN Store.

There’s one thing that bothers us though—if Don Cherry only finished seventh in a recent poll of the greatest Canadians ever, we think it was rigged.

Well, maybe two things bother us. The paparazzi were relentless before this magazine came out, but now, we aren’t going to be safe in public facilities anymore. We don’t even want to think about what’s going to happen after the new episodes of I Love the 70s Volume 2! come on VH1. It’s tough being supermodels. Don’t hate us because we’re beautiful.

ESPN - Slap Shot Withstands the Test of TIme

Number 5 of all time? It oughta be Number 1!

The Doll Story - The Hockey News, May 26, 2000

This explains why we won’t sign the dolls. Not entirely accurate when it comes to “who ooowwwnes” our faces, but you'll get the idea.

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