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Over the years, we’ve been asked the same questions by fans and interviewers alike. We thought we’d answer the ones that seem to pop up the most.We’ll keep adding more, but here’s a few!

Do you guys gets any money from jerseys, etc?  I wouldn’t mind buying one but I didn’t see any on your site. Do you get any proceeds from merchandise?
Most of our e-mail is just like this. Or this:

I have been searching the web and have found a number of items with your autographs on them. I noticed you don’t sell anything on your web site. Where can I go to be assured that the signatures are original?  I’m basically looking for your photo and a Chiefs’ hockey puck.
Or this:

I read an article online at I’m troubled by one paragraph... “There is the nagging sense that others are making more off the Hanson name than they are. While they have recently set up their own Web Site,, they say they don’t see any of the money from autographed pucks ($34.99), pictures ($32.99), and jerseys ($74.99) sold on other sites that claim to be the online home of the Hansons.” Which sites should I avoid? I want to make sure you guys get everything coming your way that you deserve. Are these items hawked on other sites authentic?
Until recently we were unaware of just how many people were selling “authentic” Hanson Brothers merchandise. We are supposed to get a percentage of sales from authorized items, but since we have never received ONE CENT, we can only assume that what's been being sold for 25 years is unauthorized. Many good people have been fooled by counterfeiters, including store owners and fans.

Which brings us to another issue; “authentic” autographs. According to a United States Government report on April 12, 2000, “As detailed in the Government charging documents, the sports and celebrity memorabilia is a $1 billion a year market in the United States. Industry experts estimate that upwards of 50% (and perhaps as much as 90%) of the items comprising this market are counterfeit. Typically, the individuals who traffic in this black market obtain memorabilia containing forged autographs of celebrities, which are then inaccurately certified as genuine.” (Click here for the full story.)

What we tell our fans is what we believe; unless you saw us sign it, we wouldn't buy it and neither should you. “Certificates of Authenticity” aren't worth the paper they're printed on. We had no idea how many people were selling items supposedly autographed by us until we started contacting the sellers and asking where they were getting what they were selling. The numbers just didn't add up.

To put a stop to the bogus autographs out there, we decided to take action. We have not done a volume signing intended for resale in more than five years. There are no more items with our signature out there for resale. Zip, zero, nothing. The only way to ensure that it’s real is to witness our signing at one of our personal appearances or to buy it from us through our web site. We are the single authorized source for our autographs, and that's the end of the story. We sell autographed merchandise only through the Steve Carlson Hockey Pro Shop.

What’s the deal with the McFarlane dolls? I heard that you won’t sign them.
Let us ask you this: If someone decided to make an action figure of you and didn't ask you about it, won’t talk to you about it, will make money off the sales, and offer you nothing, would you autograph it? We don’t think so and we bet you wouldn't either. Oh yeah, and when you asked why no one contacted you, an employee at his company (because he won’t take your calls) said, “We couldn't find you.” Oh yeah, and you found out about the dolls because a friend works for a toy store. Oh yeah, he’s a real “champion of the rights of the creator.” (Click here for the full story.)

Which web site is The Official Home of the Hanson Brothers?
If you’re reading this, you found us. is our official site. We have some terrific fans who spend plenty of their precious time creating and maintaining “fan sites” and “tribute sites.” We thank them. However, there are several sites that have claimed (and continue to claim) that they are “The Official Home of the Hanson Brothers” or “we are the Exclusive Booking Agents for the Hanson Brothers.” They’re not. We are. It’s unfortunate that we have to say this, but we’re tired of running into people who say, “Hey, I talked to your agent last week and he said... ” and we don’t know who they talked to.

What part of Canada do you come from?
We aren’t Canadian, we’re all native born Americans who all grew up in Minnesota.

Are you guys brothers?
Jeff and Steve Carlson are brothers.

Are you real hockey players?
Yes, we all played professional hockey and have the scars to prove it!

What’s it like working with Paul Newman?
We like to think he worked with us!

When’s the sequel, Slap Shot 2: Breaking the Ice, coming out?
March 26, 2002.

Did you actually “foil up?”
No, but we taped our hands like boxers until the leagues banned it. After that, we scuffed up the knuckles of golf gloves, soaked them in water, and dried them on the radiator until they were nice and crispy. We made sure that we got in a fight on our first shift because they softened up after we started sweating.

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