Got a question for the Hanson Brothers? Send it in! Due to the volume of e-mail we get, we can’t answer each message, but we’re planning to put some of the more interesting fan questions here. Don't forget to tell us where you're from.

E-mail a question for Jeff, Steve, and Dave

Did you guys really punch peoples' faces when you played? Magnus - Sweden
Only when they got in our way. We always thought of ourselves as Lady Bing contenders.

Do you guys do some professional scouting? Eric - South Orange, NJ
No Eric, but we're watching you closely.

Do you remember what Uniform #'s you actually wore for Johnstown in 1975? It's hard to tell you guys apart. Greg - USA
I wore # 20 and I am the best looking one. - Dave
I wore # 19 and I am the best looking one. - Steve
I wore # 18 and I am the best looking one. - Jeff

I have a copy of slap shot in an airtight container, as it will be buried with me!!! Thanks guys! KC - Randall, NC
It's great to know that we'll be going to your grave with you.

All my life I have emulated my play to be just like you. I don't know if that's a good thing or not, but just know that you guys were my idols! I'll forever be in your debt. Joe - Stockton, CA
Yes, Joe we collect all our debts, so mail what you owe to us.

What kind of foil do you use? Is it Industrial Strength? Pepe - Bristol, CT
Industrial Strength works the best because we can wrap up what's left of our pre game meal for the long bus ride home.

Is that Donald Brashear that I saw in the trailer for Slap Shot 2? Travis - Faulkland Islands
No, it's not Donald, it's John Ulmer. He's an actor now, but he was a professional football player.

Thanks for your time at the pub before the game - you are very gracious with the fans and my grandmother appreciated the picture - even if she had never seen the movie.  At 70+ I don't think it is time to, but her son in law and grandson all assured her that it was cool. Hope you do more Michigan touring, especially up in the Lansing area. Thanks again for your time and generosity Greg - Kalamazoo, MI
We'd like to go to Lansing, can we stay with your grandmother? She was a nice lady.

How much different is the game of hockey today from when the movie was made? Sincerely, Jim - Phoenix, AZ
When we played, the majority of the players played for love of the game. Now the majority of the players play for love of the money, Nothing wrong with getting paid well to play, but it should not be the primary reason for taking the ice each game. We loved the game so much and made so little that our pre game meals were beef jerky and that stinkin' root beer.

Do you see yourself as role models? Louie - Pensacola, FL
We do our best to put a smile on every face we meet, but if they don't smile, we nail 'em with the foil!

I'm a fellow Iron Ranger from Virginia, MN. How often do the Carlson Brothers get back to the Iron Range?
Mom, we promise we'll call before we show up this time - maybe.

Did all three of you play in the NHL? If so what team. Please give your name and team, also what your position was.
We're planning to put our stats and more pictures up soon.

I just would like to thank you guys again for taking the time to take a picture with me. I am truly sorry about the action figures. I wish I would have known the story behind them before the Gambler game. I understand where you guys are coming from and I don't blame you. Maybe someday down the road I can get the picture signed. Good luck with the new movie and thanks again!!! B.J. - Green Bay, WI
Thanks B. J. all our true fans are just like you and understand.

Are you guys Catholic?
Yes, and oddly enough, we have been asked this question many times.

Was any part of Slap Shot filmed in Thunder Bay, Ontario?
No, and oddly enough, we have been asked this question many times.

Are any of you left handed?
Steve Carlson is left handed.

Who shoots left?
Steve Carlson and Dave Hanson shoot left, Jeff Carlson shoots right.

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